Language Immersion holidays for students and families

Would you like to experience a different culture from the inside, living life with and like the locals, rather than checking items off a guide book? Our courses marry tourism, sports and language learning by immersion. Choose from one of our three accommodation options and add trips, experiences or sporting activities to suit you best.


  • Visit the Atlantic Islands of Galicia (Cies, Ons, Salvora and Cortegada where you will find the only national park located in the autonomous region of Galicia)
  • Fiesta del Ribeiro (April/May) A yearly festival that celebrates local Ribeiro wine with food, music and various other activities.
  • Fiesta de la Arribada (Baiona- First weekend in March) A festival that commemorates the arrival of Columbus’ boat the Pinta to the port of Baiona with news of the discovery of America. Go back in time to experience this historical moment.
  • Fiesta “Os Maios” (Vigo,Ourense,Barco de Valdeorras o Vilaboa) – May Celebrate May Day the Galician way.


  • Vino Albariño (Cambados) Visit an Albarino winery
  • Hogueras de San Juan – (La Lanzada Beach – Pontevedra)
    St John’s day is celebrated around the world in a number of ways. Delight in the magical displays of nocturnal bonfires on the beach and candle-lit boats dotting the sea.  
  • Arde Lucus – Roman Festival – Lugo – Last week of June Immerse yourself in a bit of history by taking part in a Roman festival, complete with costumes and reenactments.
  • Jazz Festival – Vigo
  • Sinsal Festival – Illa de San Simon (Saint Simon Island) – Redondela A very exclusive music festival on an island. Only 800 tickets are sold for each day of the event and the lineup is kept secret until you disembark on the island.

International Independent Film Festival – Lugo 18th – 23rd

Courses are available in English or in Spanish

Course locations:

  • Oxford (courses in English
  • Vigo (courses in Spanish)
  • Courses in other languages are available upon request. We offer a full range of services to cater to our clients’ needs.

Accommodation: At-home with the teacher, in a hotel or self-catered apartment.

Duration of the course: one week.

Course overview:

  • 5 hours of weekly interactive / theoretical classes related to the sector
  • Visits to companies in the sector.
  • Networking opportunities with professionals in the sector.
  • Activities in and around the city (tourism).
  • A cultural activity or guided tour

Booking a course:

Bookings must be made at least one month prior to the event you wish to attend. Clients are required to pay 20% of the total cost of the course when they book a place.

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